What a question!  If you were ready for Christmas you would be skipping off into the sunset or ...snow flakes.  Since you are checking us out, we can help you choose the perfect Christmas event for your church or school. Tell Jesus' Bethlehem story with humor and grace.  Browse our online CATALOG Christmas programs right here on this site.  New and easy for 2016 is:  STAR STRUCK for your whole church and WEE THREE KINGS for your preschool gang.  Plan a Christmas Party with GET YOUR JINGLE ON!  

    And that's not all!  You can browse each event (past and present) in our 'read-only' version before making a decision.

     And that's not all!  Choose to download your master copy of program and music (save shipping cost) OR let us ship your order.  

    And that's not all!  Our friendly Christmas angel, Ellen, is almost always near the office phone to take orders, answer questions and solve the unsolvable.  Call her:  1-888-236-5433 so she isn't lonely for the Christmas season.  

    Yeah, we know you are in a hurry.  Downloads are instant.  We try to ship orders within 24-48 hours (unless we must be away from the office).  What are you waiting for?  You are there!  We are here!  Here comes Christmas!!!!

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