• Christmas IS Cancelled...It's The Gospel Truth!

    Well, not really.  No one can cancel Christmas.  It's coming fast no matter what we think.  Give the audience a "behind the scenes" peek at our chaotic Christmas preparations.  In fact, it becomes so chaotic that our narrator finally announces "Christmas IS Cancelled"!  What happens next is a wonder to behold.  No matter how dark the world, how confused the people, how discouraged the church, Christmas comes because it's Jesus, always Jesus!

    Easy To Prepare for everyone young and old.  No memorization (unless you want to).  The Bethlehem story unfolds in bits and pieces helped by a friendly, all knowing narrator.  Bright and Funny and filled with Jesus' amazing birthday adventure.

    Celebrate BRING BACK BETHLEHEM CHRISTMAS PARTY after the program!  When all is said and done, Christmas comes in all it's simplicity and in all it's glory.  Don't miss the fun this year.  

    Here at CLOSE ENCOUNTERS MINISTRIES we love guiding you on your Christmas journey each year.  Join us for fun and fellowship.  Need a helpful real person?  Call Ellen, CEM Christmas Expert ~ 1.888.236.5433.

    CHECK OUT OUR 'Read Only' version right here in our Christmas catalog.  Download (save USPS s/h and time) or ask for Shipping.






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