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  • Stealing Christmas ... From Here To Eternity! First Century meets Twenty-first Century in a 'hang on to your seat' All-Church Christmas program. Peek at a chaotic small town Live Nativity in the park. Someone stole Baby Jesus! Who is the Manger thief?
    NO MEMORIZATION! (Your Choice!)

    Laugh. love and tell the Bethlehem story On stage people (all ages) speak and sing optional musical melodies. It's funny, it's a mystery. It's the story of Our Baby in a manger... or not!

    Deck the Hearts Party! After the show, celebrate with a Christmas Party and bring the heart of Christmas to life with food, beverage, music and talk, talk, talk. yep, Party On!

    Stealing Christmas! is a delightful way to bring Christmas people together, reminding everyone no one can steal Christmas. Jesus comes just as sure as winter follows autmn and summer follows spring.

    Would you like to see the program right here, right now? Click on this link to PREVIEW the program in a read only version.  Click on the PREVIEW and you will be able to see the entire program. Need help? Call Ellie... friendly, attached to her desk, has all the answers! (We let her think that.) 888.236.5433 toll free

    STEALING CHRISTMAS MELODIES (This link will allow you to listen to the songs) A 3 song music package add-on (CD, piano music, lyrics) that is easy to teach and fun to present! Music $9.99.

    To ORDER Stealing Christmas! with or without The Stealing Christmas Melodies, use the pull down menu below to choose which option will work best for you.

    To ORDER  Stealing Christmas! with or without Stealing Christmas Christmas Melodies, use the pull down menu below to choose which option will work best for you.

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