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  • Jesus is the Super Hero of all history! He didn't even wear a cape and tights. He did it by dying on a Roman cross and coming back to life three days later as our Savior, just like God planned. Tell the Resurrection Story again and see it with fresh eyes.

    ORDINARY HEROES: became involved in the Easter story. From Bethany's sweet Mary to Simon of Cyrene to the Disciples, we see their uncommon courage as they became reluctant heroes during a very scary week.

    WHO? Involve children, teen, grown ups. Combine speaking parts, adapt, eliminate what cannot be presented, add special music...you are the boss! Perfect for the smallest church and enjoyable for the large congregation.

    NO MEMORIZATION! Telling the Resurrection story is fun and exciting.

    LEAH: A mysterious time traveler named Leah of Galilee can't figure out how she shows up in your church but she is willing to help your church discover what happened to her friend, Jesus, by introducing several friends who also mysteriously appear at your church.

    This is fun, sometimes humorous and always inspiring. Sing favorite Easter Carols and add special music as desired.

    PARTY: Invite the audience to a celebration after the program. We supply the party plans. You supply the food!

    CLOSE ENCOUNTERS MINISTRIES provides the complete Master Copy of HEROse which can be copied for individual participants. Did we mention this is EASY?

    OH! Do you see a yellow box with the word PREVIEW in it? Click PREVIEW and read the entire program at the comfort of your computer. Wait...get a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate (you choose)....you're gonna love this one!!!

    Come on, be a Hero and celebrate Jesus because HEROse!

    Want to see the program before you decide?  Click here to see the PREVIEW in a read only version.  Click on PREVIEW and you will be able to read the entire program.

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  • HEROse!
  • HEROse!

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