• COUNTRY JUNCTION...One Day Vacation Bible School!

    Close Encounters Ministries

  • Take your VBS kids on a ONE DAY adventure to an amazing farm! Everything Farmer Dell or Fanny Farmer Director needs is included in one notebook filled with scheduling suggestions, motivational tips, decorating ideas, complete lesson plans and more for 4 1/2 hours!

    Young farmers gather at MOO-TIFUL BARNYARD Opening where they organize and enjoy a skit with the Farmer and his lazy Hired Hand getting into amazing situations. Small groups play games at THE FUNNY FARM. They visit HOG HEAVEN for a Bible skit and "piggy" activities. Everyone "moo-ves" along to THE PICKET FENCE to learn about salvation. The large group "cackles" at BARNYARD PRAISE music time. All ages enjoy creating a special take home craft at BELLY ACRES! Love mouth watering country foods? Visit FARM FRESH SNACK BAR for one, two or three meals (your choice--Mustard Seed Breakfast, Farm Fresh Lunch and/or The Country Church Supper). Toss in an evening OLD FASHIONED ICE CREAM SOCIAL and the day is complete.

    COUNTRY JUNCTION brings God's Word to life as students visit two Bible Stations in one day. MOOTOWN MOTEL prepares students to become strong believers. RABBITAT FOR HAREMANITY...IN THE HUTCHES underscores sharing the gospel.

    COUNTRY JUNCTION ONE DAY VBS is Christ centered and fun. Leaders--get ready to have lots of fun! The theme is a hook upon which to hang a memory and helps students build their firm foundation in Jesus while spreading the good news of salvation to their world!

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