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  • At Last! A Christmas program just for preschool children. This very easy, short presentation of Jesus' Birthday story is what preschool teachers have asked us to develop for many years! We finally did it!!!!!

    Joy Bringer, God's very own Christmas Angel, narrates the Bethlehem story as your sweet preschool children participate. They are dressed in Holy Land costume and enter the Nativity scene as Joy Bringer gets to their part. They carry animals, gifts, stable items into the scene when it is their turn. At the end of the story, all children are in place in the stable.

    We include lots of familiar nursery song tunes complete with Christmas words for you to select just the right songs for them to sing. The audience can also be involved as they sing Christmas carols of your choice.

    Joy Bringer's story is told in Dr. Seuss styled rhyme and is a joyous, happy presentation that children and adults will love.

    Designed to last about 20 minutes, this program will become a memory maker that can be used year after year with a new group of preschoolers. Make it a tradition in your church or school or daycare center.

    Click on this link to see a PREVIEW in a read only version. See Director's Information, full script and 'Happy Birthday Jesus' Party plans.  Click on PREVIEW and you will be able to read the entire program.

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    DON'T FORGET! We also offer preschool programs: 'POCKETFUL OF STARLIGHT', 'HAY! A Stable Experience' and 'MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB...That's My Story And I'm Sticking To It!' (How will you ever choose???)

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