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  • CACTUS CREEK is a five day adventure designed to last fifteen minutes each day. Each chapter ends at an exciting point so students must return the next day to hear how yesterday's situation is resolved. The story book comes with complete script and large black and white line drawings suitable for coloring by the leader.

    The twins find themselves stranded in the middle of the Arizona desert with a bus load of weary, hot campers and a bus driver who cannot leave them to get help. Chip and Clare volunteer themselves and friend, Ben, to go for help. Clever kids that they are, they dribble cookies along the way so they can find their way back to the bus never counting on hungry prairie dogs whose appetites for dribbled cookies get the kids lost in the desert.

    Fortunately they meet Desert Rose,a young Indian girl, who quietly leads them to her reservation. The kids experience life with Native Americans and meet her grandfather, Chief Standing Eagle. Deep sadness permeates the tribe who realize their chief is ill and may die soon. He is not a Christian and the kids, along with Desert Rose, try to convince him of the truth of the gospel.

    A tremendous storm, a dying grandfather and the loss of courage prompt Clare to say, "I want to go home. This isn't fun anymore." How the gang ends up in a dark cave with a smoky torch (much like a cave in the Bible) and how they find their way home is a mystery that ends on Day #5. Could it be that angels were involved?

    Do you really think I'm going to tell you? Not on your life! You have to order CACTUS CREEK and find out for yourself how Chip and Clare get back on the right track and leave the reservation.

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