• H.A.L.O. ...ON THE AIR!

    Close Encounters Ministries

  • H.A.L.O. is a Christmas program featuring your folks of all ages. Performed in about 45 minutes and concluding with a cozy Christmas party, this could be the Christmas event you have been seeking!

    Rehearse in small groups, forget memorization (unless you want to memorize) and gather the gang for one rehearsal before your version of our radio show goes "On The Air". Tailor the program to fit the number of participants available. Now how hard can that be?

    H.A.L.O. is sprinkled with humor and inspiration. Tell the Bethlehem story featuring a Heavenly radio station. "Sky Bird", God's Host With The Most", guides your radio show with silly patter and yet introduces serious interviews with care. In the mix is "Breaking News", commercials, interviews, talk shows, game shows and lots of music! Small groups prepare their part and get to enjoy the rest of the program with the audience.

    H.A.L.O. radio staff calls for the audience to participate with applause, singing and vocal responses. Everyone becomes part of the fun as Baby Jesus' birthday unfolds "On The Air".

    H.A.L.O. concludes with a party at your very own HARP AND HORN DINER. Decorate, serve delicious desserts and play Christmas music. It will be a lasting memory for everyone!
    Read the entire program right here on our website!  Click on this link to PREVIEW the entire program in a read only version.  Click the link and a "read only" version will pop up. You will know right away if this program is for your group! Listen to the music too!

    H.A.L.O. On The Air Melodies Want fun music for this one of a kind Christmas presentation? We offer original options in a split track CD, piano music, words only package. Included is the snappy H.A.L.O. Radio call sign, many commercial jingles and a lovely lullaby, "Mary's Song". Audience participates by singing familiar carols from your hymnal.

    To ORDER  H.A.L.O. On The Air with or without H.A.L.O. On The Air Melodies, use the pull down menu below to choose which option will work best for you.

    (Items that are to be shipped will have the shipping and handling added at check out.)

    Questions or want to order on our toll free number? Call Ellen at 888-236-5433! She's friendly and she usually knows the answers to most customer questions. That's why we keep her around!!!

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