• HARRY MOSS...A Conley Twin Fishing Adventure

    Close Encounters Ministries

  • This five chapter story accompanies CABIN FEVER...A DEEP WOODS ENCOUNTER. Told in fifteen minute segments each day of Vacation Bible School, your elementary students will enjoy a continuing fishing adventure with our Christian twins. The story teller tells the fishing tale in THE NUT HOUSE.

    Chip Conley wants to catch the biggest, ugliest catfish in Shadow River for a $500 scholarship prize. King Henry willl be tough to catch but the prize is big enough to capture the imagination of any kid who fancies himself/herself a fisherman.

    The hitch? A young, mentally challenged guy named HARRY MOSS is the best fisherman in Shadow River. Chip does not want to be seen with Harry and Clare strikes up a jolly friendship with the engaging young man. Harry just says "I'm good at fishing."

    How do our three fishermen handle each challenge? What do we learn about Harry Moss? Does King Henry avoid capture? How much do you really know about river fishing? Are you into catfish catching? Exactly what kind of bait will do the job? Everything comes together on Day #5 and the conclusion is fun as well as meaningful when our kids place Jesus at the center of their efforts.

    HARRY MOSS may be told in many classroom situations. Use the story during Sunday School Opening, Children's Church, Backyard Bible Club or Kid's Club. Even adults enjoy a good Chip and Clare Tale!

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