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  • 'LO AND BEHOLD...Seeing Is Believing' is a wonderfully amusing yet meaningful Christmas program for churches and Christian schools who want to make a Christmas memory.

    The theme song Lo and Behold plus three songs add to the event by enhancing the part of The Christmas Reader as the words from Luke are read at the beginning of each program segment.

    Instead of the typical children's songs, these feature your teens or adults who add inspiration to the program.

    Purchase separately to be shipped or....

    The CD can be downloaded and the sheet music and lyrics too! However, If the DOWNLOAD option is not your 'cup of tea', we'll ship the music package to you ASAP!

    Want to order both the music and the program?  Click here and order at the bottom of The Lo and Behold Program page.

    To ORDER  Lo and Behold Melodies, use the pull down menu below to choose which option will work best for you.

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    QUESTIONS? Call Ellen at 1-888-236-5433. She might not know the answer, but she cares!

  • $9.99

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