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  • This Conley Twin story is the companion product for our exciting Vacation Bible School, ONE SMILE SQUARE...HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN, but may be told anytime a gang of kids and adults wants to hear a fun Christian story.

    LOST IN THE CITY is a five day adventure designed to last fifteen minutes each day. Each chapter ends at an exciting point encouraging students to return the next day and discover how each situation is resolved. The story may be read aloud as large black and white line drawings are flipped or the pictures may be colored and placed on an easel while the story is told from memory.

    Aunt Mary Elizabeth is sick, very sick, and Clare and her mother must travel to Chicago from Shadow River to be with her during surgery. Chip feels left out but agrees to hold down the fort at home with dad. While in Chicago, Clare enjoys Aunt Mary's comfortable Michigan Avenue apartment, meets a few quirky city characters and consoles her aunt at the hospital.

    The excitement begins when Clare disobeys her mother and wanders off into the city alone. She shops, she tours, she discovers her money does not go far in the big city and she finds herself being chased by a gang of bullies.

    By the time Chip and his father arrive, Clare is gone! They search and pray. Clare's adventure goes from bad to worse and she ends up at the police department and in overnight foster care. Running away proves to be as dangerous as getting lost when Clare is taken in by a group of homeless people.

    Well, the story ends with the Conley family being reunited but how it happens is thrilling. You will just have to order the book and find out for yourself. Your kids, teens and adults will keep coming back for more of this adventure!

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