Close Encounters Ministries

  • There is a contrary kid in Shadow River and the Conley Twins don't really know what to do with him. Franklin Dodd is looking for his family. He flys through Shadow River Inn searching for something. A wild boy at heart, he is not about to be stopped in his quest for Old Ma'am and Old Pap.

    There is an 1883 bank safe in the Inn's basement that may hold answers for Frank. Who knows? No one has been able to open the safe in years.

    Clues lead Frank and the twins to an old log cabin in the Smoky Mountains. They find an old man and an old woman who may hold Frank's future in their hands. Are they the family he needs?

    Discover Frank's solution when you purchase SAFE AT HOME! Ellen Bunnell's wonderful, tell aloud, 5 day mystery is told by your story teller. Flip the large line drawings to visualize the adventure.

    Designed as a companion product for CLOSE ENCOUNTERS MINISTRIES Vacation Bible School, CABIN FEVER, tell it in five sessions (15 minutes each) or use it separately in your Sunday School Opening, Kids Club or Children's Church.

    Want to order Safe at Home + Cabin Fever? Click on this SMOKY MOUNTAIN JAMBOREE link 

    Or order just Safe at Home at the bottom of this page.

    Questions? Call Ellen at 888-236-5433.

  • $16.95

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