Close Encounters Ministries

  • This five chapter story comes complete with full script ready to be read or told aloud to your group of kids. It comes complete with line drawn illustrations designed to bring the story to life. Tell each chapter separately and let the cliff hanger bring the gang back each day to hear more!

    This Conley adventure begins with a small plane crashing into Shadow River. A man and a boy are rescued. Who are they? Where did they come from? Are they in danger?

    We soon discover that young Nico and his pilot friend, known in Mexico as the famous "El Rey del Cielo" (Sky King), are in great danger from an evil man who wants to destroy Sky King's ministry because Sky King would not deliver drugs with his plane.

    Chip and Clare soon find themselves in the middle of the Mexican desert helping save Abuelo (Grandmother) and Sky King's hacienda.

    Along the way, everyone learns about friendship, loyalty and how to be faithful to Jesus. Oh, and everyone learns a little Spanish too! It's a lot of fun.

    Tell this story as part of our Vacation Bible School, VIVA MEXICO, or tell it anywhere kids gather to hear about Jesus. It could be that Sunday School, Children's Church, Church Camp or on your own front porch will be the perfect spot to tell this wonderful tale of Old Mexico. Don't miss it!

    Want to order SKY KING and the VBS program VIVA MEXICO? Click on this link: VIVA MEXICO! and order at the bottom of that page.

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