• STAR STRUCK! It Took a Miracle!

    Close Encounters Ministries

  • Our two weary travelers did not expect to see a miracle passing by Bethlehem.  They followed a bright Star as one miracle after another came to pass.  They were "Star Struck" and you will be Star Struck too!

    With a twist of humor and inspiration, the Bethlehem stable lights up again.  Small groups of all ages are in for the celebration at the Starry Night Christmas Party!

    Discover a fresh way to tell the old story!  Make a Christmas Memory!


    This is a great way to present Jesus' birthday story and make your task as Director easy.

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    Written for Star Struck! It Took a Miracle are three original songs on double channel CD with printed sheet music and lyrics for teaching. $9.99 Can't beat the price!


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  • $24.99

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