Close Encounters Ministries

  • ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL HAS NEVER BEEN LIKE THIS! Study the life of Jesus while enjoying a snack and participating in fun, yet gentle, introductory activities.

    This thirteen week study is designed for adult students who enjoy a close fellowship along with Bible study in a casual atmosphere.

    LESSONS INCLUDE: The Heart of Galilee, The Messiah's Heart, The Growing Heart, The Cana Heart, The Beatitude Heart, The Shepherd's Heart, The Family Heart, The Healing Heart, The Bethany Heart, The Angry Heart, The Weeping Heart, The Servant Heart, The Risen Heart.

    Moving through the life of Jesus, students discover that He was a lot like them. He laughed, cried, prayed, related to people and experienced a myriad of situations just like a real human being because He WAS a "real human being".

    Easy preparation is a plus for the leader of this series, enjoyable fellowship and study complete the picture. Order today and enjoy your group for the next quarter of Sunday School.
  • $31.50

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