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  • Enjoy teaching and singing three brand new songs written for our Christmas program, "The Light Before Christmas", by Jon Miller of GLORYSOUND STUDIOS in Winston-Salem, NC.

    Use these original Christmas songs as special numbers for solo, duet, trio, choir...or teach the whole gang to sing them. Consider teaching the audience one or more of the choruses during the program. Soon everyone will be humming these melodies while celebrating Jesus' birth.

    1. Light In My Heart
    2. Let There Be Light!
    3. Shine!

    What do you receive? I knew you were going to ask this question! Included in the music package is a Double Channel CD featuring a sample voice and instrumentation on separate tracks. Also included is piano sheet music and words only sheets for easy teaching.

    You can DOWNLOAD or have a CD SHIPPED to your address.

    TO SHIP: Order here at the website or call us at 1-888-236-5433 to request fast delivery!

    Want to order both the music and the program? Click here and order at the bottom of the The Light Before Christmas Program page.

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    Questions? Call ELLEN at 1-888-236-5433.

  • $9.99

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