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  • It's spring! Your gals want to bond at a wonderful church banquet and you're in charge! Relax! We've done the work for you. Adapt our entertainment, fellowship games and dinner ideas to your local gang (ANY SIZE GROUP!) and let the fun begin! Laughter, Inspiration, Song ideas, Menus, Decoration...it's all here in our planning workbook waiting for you to bring it to life. Even the guys get involved as the ever lovin' LAZARUS TEAM!

    In honor of Martha's lesser known younger sister, Mary Stewart, we celebrate the life of the everyday housewife, mother and daughter (And admit it, every female on the planet is one or another).

    Modern Martha is perfection with a capital "P". Her house is beautiful and every meal is a gourmet feast. Shortcuts are a way of life for dear Mary Stewart because she loves to sit at the feet of Jesus (Well, maybe she's listening to Women OF Faith tapes, reading The Mitford Series and singing along with Michael W. Smith) while dirty dishes soak and laundry piles up in the hallway. Does this remind you of another famous sister pair? Martha and Mary of Bethany struggled with the same issues as the modern woman. Read all about these girls in Luke 10:38-42.

    After requests from gals across the nation who want to see our creative local church banquets at Hill Memorial Church in Bradford, PA offered to a wider audience, we are thrilled to debut a Banquet Series starting with THE MARY STEWART PARTY. It's a winner! Just ask our sweet "Hill" gals who are still smiling after their trip to Martha and Mary's life. It's a GOOD THING!

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