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  • The Mysterious Mrs. Middleton

     When Chip and Clare Conley greet Mrs. Middleton, little do they know the adventure she and her friend, The Professor (he isn’t who you think he is), bring to Shadow River Bed and Breakfast. She appears, disappears, reappears with her cheerful “Yoo Hoo!” and seems to know a little something about everything. A nasty fellow named Will Powers enters the picture and threatens to ruin all of life for the Conley family. Why? How does Tilly Middleton make everything better? Who is she anyway? Angel? Old friend? Both? That is the mystery that carries your crew back to Shadow River for five sessions of mystery and storytelling. This time the mystery is left to be solved at the end by your crew. Let them talk about Tilly and decide who she is. There are clues along the way. Ready to have fun yet?

    Our detective twins are off on another fun and adventurous Christian adventure where faith, family, fun and facts must intersect to solve the puzzle and save Shadow River Inn. It is told aloud in five fifteen minute sessions. The story comes in an easy page turning book format for the Story Teller. It includes the complete five chapter story and large black and white line drawings to flip during story time.

    Tell “TILLY!” with HEAVEN UP Vacation Bible School or during Sunday School openings, Children’s Church, Kids Club or even at home! Every kid loves a good story.

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    TILLY! is a five day Conley Twin story written for HEAVEN UP designed to last fifteen minutes each day. Each chapter ends at an exciting point encouraging students to return the next day and discover how yesterday's situation is resolved. The story comes complete with script and black and white line drawings suitable for coloring by the leader.

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