• LO AND BEHOLD...Seeing Is Believing

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  • IMAGINE! What would happen if a couple of Christmas angels lost their way back to Heaven after announcing Jesus' birth to Bethlehem shepherds? Exactly how do angels handle disruptions in their heavenly schedules? Want to find out? We have got the best Christmas program to help YOU find your way to Christmas!

    Angel 'Lo' and angel buddy 'Behold' are featured in this funny and inspirational presentation. Ask everyone to participate from babies through the oldest adults in your church or school.

    NO MEMORIZATION! (Did that get your attention?) It doesn't matter if your group is small or large, arrange the program segments to fit the number of people involved. Participants come to the stage from the audience so you never lose the 'people out front'. (Now, isn't that a clever idea?)

    The audience enters the experience by singing Christmas Carols. Add our inspirational music (You should be hearing LO AND BEHOLD MELODIES now!) as quiet, meaningful grown up presentations. Include Christmas music you have available to teach children as desired.

    Put it all together, adapt the program to fit your gang and watch "LO AND BEHOLD...Seeing Is Believing" enthrall your folks and bring Christmas closer to their hearts.

    Our two bumbling angels get lost (through EVERY fault of their own) and end up at Bethlehem's stable trying to get directions to Heaven. 'Lo' checks out the situation from a low stable position. 'Behold' stands high on a ladder to behold the King! Each small group they meet guides them closer to Home. When they finally meet and then hear Simeon and Anna's precious story, they find their way...at last! (We guarantee there won't be a dry eye in the house.)

    WANT TO READ THE WHOLE PROGRAM BEFORE PURCHASE? Click on this link to PREVIEW the entire program in a read only version.

    Lo and Behold Melodies  Want fun music for this one of a kind Christmas presentation? Your children will love Lo and Behold, And It Came To Pass, A Little Baby and Simeon's Song.  We offer original options in a split track CD, piano music, words only package. 

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    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Stop reading this right now and start getting ready for Christmas! We have faith in you and we are here to help! Have a very Merry CHRIST-mas!

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