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  • Have you ever wanted to visit Alice's Wonderland? This is your opportunity to have the most fun you have ever had at a Spring Banquet!

    Fall Down The Rabbit Hole into a Mad Hatter Tea Party event where the tables are decorated with teapots, teacups, cakes and little gifts to celebrate everyone's UnBirthday.

    "Alice In Wonderland" is a classic story loved by little girls and big girls for many generations. Filled with whimsey and nonsense, Alice's adventure also leads Christian gals into a world of common sense Faith in Christ!

    Create this banquet using our handy tips and plans and menus. Add your own ideas and fill the room with joy for one evening of genuine feminine fun!

    "Adventures first--Explanations take such a dreadful time." --'Alice In Wonderland' Take a few minutes to read the full Banquet right here on this page! Look to the right. Look up. Click PREVIEW. Read and wonder as things get "Curiouser and curiouser"!

    This is one Spring Banquet you do not want to miss. We give you the option of downloading the banquet master copy (Save Shipping/handling) or having us ship it to you in the convenient 3 Ring vinyl binder (You get the great pen for free!)

    Want to see the program before you decide?  Click here to see the PREVIEW in a read only version.  Click on PREVIEW and you will be able to read the entire program.

    To ORDER WHICH WAY TO WONDERLAND? use the pull down menu below to choose which option will work best for you.

    (Items that are to be shipped will have the shipping and handling added at check out.)

    Call Ellen at 888-236-5433 to ask questions or get you out of trouble. She's our little 'Alice in Office Land' and will gladly let you know that "We are all mad here. You will fit right in."

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