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  • If you love spending quality "talk time" with your teens, THE BREAKFAST CLUB is the Sunday School series for you. Teens come! They sit and talk and eat and soon become good friends to each other and to the leaders. How can we ask for more? Everything the teacher needs to organize this series is included in one notebook filled with scheduling suggestions, menus, complete lesson plans and more for one hour sessions.

    Three weeks are reserved as VIP SUNDAYS. Guests share breakfast with the group and tell their personal faith journey stories. It is such a effective effort that many churches turn VIP SUNDAYS into a full series.

    Weekly lessons begin with gentle table activities where students interact and share life experiences with class members. Themed lessons provide time to discuss making a difference in today's world. Discussions revolve around these statements: GIFT LIST...USE YOUR GIFTS, MEASURE YOUR TREASURE...PUTTING TREASURES IN HEAVEN, GOOD IN THE 'HOOD...THE GOLDEN RULE, LIVE TO GIVE...LEARNING TO LIVE CHEERFULLY, REFLECTIONS...ON BEING DECENT, FORGIVE AND FORGET...FORGIVING OTHERS, FRIENDS FOREVER WE WILL BE, PEOPLE PLEASER...MAKE ME A SERVANT, STAND FIRM...DON'T QUIT, STAY ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE...CHRISTIAN OPTIMISM.

    Is this the prayer of your heart? "My calling is to reach young men and women for God. It is too serious to be taken lightly, too urgent to be postponed, too vital to be ignored, too relevant to be overlooked, too significant to be trivialized, too eternal to be fleeting and too passionate to be quenched." If so, THE BREAKFAST CLUB is for you. Take time with your teens to think about the truth that each Christian is called by Christ to make a difference in the world. You are not an accident of fate. We are each given a ministry by God. Then--watch lives blossom for the Lord!

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