Close Encounters Ministries

  • Everything the Sky Pilot Director needs for this five day event is included on one notebook. Scheduling suggestions, decorating ideas, craft suggestions, tips for motivation, complete lesson plans and more!

    Gather at the AIRPORT TERMINAL Opening and move along to SKY CAP MUSIC. Enjoy EARTH FLIGHT AIR SNACKS where stewardesses serve tidbits in an airplane replica simply made to include an "in flight" movie. Then the travelers visit THE GLOBAL CHRISTIAN VILLAGE and learn how to conduct their journey to heaven while packing a Christian living travel kit. NAVIGATOR STORY TIME features a terrific missionary story, "Doctor In The Pigmy Forest" (offered separately).

    Five workshops represent countries of the world demonstrating what it takes to be a missionary. Students enjoy a cultural activity, memorize scripture, hear a Bible story and complete a craft. Visit CHINA, A Missionary Must Be Faithful Like Stephen--AFRICA, A Missionary Tells Good News Like Philip--NATIVE AMERICA, A Missionary Is Brave Like Peter--THE ARCTIC, A Missionary Must Be A Friend Like Barnabas--PARADISE ISLAND, A Missionary Must Face Danger Like Paul.

    Preschoolers (ages 4-5) are THE JET SET and study the same themes as older students but on their level. Nursery (birth-age 3) separate.

    You can see the entire program by clicking here: PREVIEW of Earth Flight. 

    Missionaries are mysterious people to children. Break the stereotype! Show your students how important it is to be someone who tells the good news of Jesus to people near and far. Sending the entire group to mission fields brings to life the daily issues missionaries face right to your church. It's fun to travel and your gang will gladly pack their bags for this awesome trip. BON VOYAGE!

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