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  • CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH THE GENESIS PEOPLE is an Old Testament series featuring people stories from the book of Genesis.

    THE LEARNING CENTER: ADAM AND EVE/Old MacAdam Had a Farm, CAIN AND ABEL/A Little Brotherly Shove, ENOCH/A Man Who Walked With God, NOAH/Couples Only, ABRAHAM/Blessed to be a Blessing, ISAAC/Chain Link, REBEKAH/Baubles, Bangles and Beads, JACOB AND ESAU/Twins On A Seesaw, JOSEPH/One Coat + Two Dreams=The Pits, JOSEPH/A Man Who Loved God.

    SURPRISE SHOPPE: A variety of games and craft projects keep CEClub kids happy and busy. FISHIN' WITH WORMS GAME, KINDNESS COUPON BOOKS, DUST PRINTS, NOAH (8 quick activity stations tell the story of the Flood--This is always a big hit!), FAITH ISLAND GAME, CLAY BEAD JEWELRY, WINDSOCK OF MANY COLORS, BIBLE BOWLING.

    CLOSENCOUNTERSINGERS: Songs about Creation are suggested from "Great Bib Praise For A Great Big God" and "All The Best Songs For Kids", 230 Songs.

    Would you like to read CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH CREATION before you purchase?  Simply click on PREVIEW and you can read the program right now.  (Please note: the first 43 pages are DIRECTORS INFORMATION and the program begins on page 44.)

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