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  • "Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates." ~Mark Twain

    "And don't they wear the bulliest clothes! All gold and silver and di'monds". ~Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
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    Please! Don't miss this exciting Five Day Vacation Bible School! Our complete Master Planner makes preparation easy and memorable! Nobody doesn't love Pirate fun!!!
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    What happens when really nasty pirate guys meet Jesus? Board our First Class Pirate Vessel and set sail for parts unknown in search of hidden treasure! Grab your kids (Age 4-Grades 5-6) for the pirate adventure of a lifetime!

    OPENING: Treasure Trove Lagoon~Meet Featherhead The Pirate for a 5 day skit adventure.

    TELLER OF TALES~Hornswoggle's Harbor
    "Calamity" is our latest Chip and Clare Conley pirate mystery told from the big story book in daily sessions. (Option: $16.95)

    SONGS OF THE SEA~Sea Chanteys
    Sea songs with a funny twist. New Christian lyrics to traditional chanties included. AND "Pirates Of The Galilean Melodies" CD/Sheet Music/Lyrics offered. (OPTION: $15.98 pdf or ship)

    Tell Jonah's sea adventure with a different viewpoint~the Big Fish! Meet Jonah, Big Fish and Deep Sea Diver Narrator each day. Hilarity Ensues!

    PIRATE FEAST~Ship's Galley
    Snacks! There must be Pirate snacks! Aargh Matey, mighty fine grub.

    FIVE PIRATE HIDEAWAYS~ Grab 'yer eyepatch, peg leg and parrot! Make Jesus the Captain of your heart. Find treasure, learn verses, hear Bible stories, make pirate crafts. Yo Ho Ho! The Christian Life For Me: GOD'S TREASURE CHAMBER, THE BRINY BRIG, CROW'S NEST, CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS, HIDEY HOLE COVE.

    Want to see the program before you decide?  Click on this PREVIEW to see the program in a read only version.  Click on PREVIEW and you will be able to read the entire program.

    CALAMITY! is a five day Conley Twin story written for Pirates Of The Galilean designed to last fifteen minutes each day. Each chapter ends at an exciting point encouraging students to return the next day and discover how yesterday's situation is resolved. The story comes complete with script and black and white line drawings suitable for coloring by the leader.

    Music written especially for your week at Pirates Of The Galilean can be seen and heard on this link: Pirates Of The Galilean Melodies. 

    To ORDER Pirates Of The Galilean with our without Pirates Of The Galilean Melodies and/or Calamity!, use the pull down menu below to choose which option will work best for you.  Choose DOWNLOAD or SHIPPED.

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    TO ERR IS HUMAN. To 'Argh' is Pirate!
    Ellen says: "Shiver me Timbers! Sailin' Days are just around the bend! Order Today! I'm here to answer questions! Call 1-888-236-5433 or order online."

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