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  • A wildly exciting African Safari! Everything needed to organize this five day event is in one notebook: Scheduling suggestions, decorating ideas, tips for motivation and more!

    Students and teachers meet UNDER THE BAOBAB TREE and travel in small groups to a variety of daily stops. ZIMBABWE TELEVISION is where "The Jungle Bird" mystery is told in chapters by your Story Teller. Create an African rhythm band during DRUMS OF AFRICA music time. African games are suggested for BUSH CAMP GAMES and a one day "Bush Camp Animal Care Day...Parade of the Animals" is an option. Stop at the roadside SAFARI SO GOOD CAFE where delicious African foods are served in abundance. Students visit a tree house to learn about salvation at the JUNGLE TREE HOUSE.

    Five Safari Stations represent African animal habitats where tourists learn how to follow Jesus. Students enjoy an African activity, memorize a scripture verse, hear a Bible story and complete a craft. THE DARK CONTINENT...SHINE JESUS SHINE, WILD WATER HOLE...THE MEETING PLACE, JAMMING IN GOD'S JUNGLE...THE MAP, SWINGING SAVANNA...LOVE OTHERS, BONES OF THE EARTH...PRAYER.

    Preschoolers (ages 4-5) become JUNGLE CUBS and study the same spiritual themes as older students but with their own teachers. TUMBLING MONKEYS NURSERY (birth-3) is separate.

    Kids will love pretending to be great safari hunters as they discover how to honor the Lord. JAMBA!!!

    Want to read GOING BANNANAS! before you purchase?  Just click here on PREVIEW and you can read the entire program.  Have questions?  Call us at 888-236-5433.

    Add a storyteller to your daily learning stations with The Jungle Bird, and exciting Conley Twin Adventure!

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