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  • Jam Packed VBS Master Copy: Schedule, decorating ideas, craft ideas, lesson plans, catalogs and much more in a vinyl 3 ring binder designed for easy copying! Many fun suggestions for any size church VBS.

    WANT SOME FUN? Read the entire program right now. Click PREVIEW top right on this page to see all the plans, lessons, recipes, games and spiritual themes before making your VBS decision. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

    Our five day Vacation Bible School medical theme is the best time you will ever have in a hospital! Set up an imaginary hospital with leaders dressed as doctors, nurses and hospital staff. Problems of the heart are solved as students (Age 4-Grade 5/6) travel to lots of activity centers.

    Visit Red Cross Cafeteria, First Aid Salvation Station, Emergency Room, X-Ray Lab, Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit and Recover Room. Areas include the Waiting Room, Heartsmart Games and Guests, Pharmacy Story Time (Conley Twin story: "Emergency") and ideas for the Hospital Nursery! Daily hospital skits included!

    Tell the truth, have you EVER operated on a real watermelon to remove bad stuff and replace with good stuff? ....and you thought you couldn't enjoy a hospital! Join the fun and experience the amazing things that take place at HEARTBEAT HOSPITAL.

    So easy! So fun! Never a dull moment! Make a memory! Need encouragement? Call Ellen, our 'nurse' in residence. She will offer you a dose of courage and a cup of love. 1-888-236-5433

    Want to see the program before you decide?  Click on this PREVIEW to see the program in a read only version.  Click on PREVIEW and you will be able to read the entire program.

    Make your trip to Heartbeat Hospital even more exciting with EMERGENCY!, a five day Conley Twin story written for Heartbeat Hospital designed to last fifteen minutes each day. Each chapter ends at an exciting point encouraging students to return the next day and discover how yesterday's situation is resolved. The story comes complete with script and black and white line drawings suitable for coloring by the leader.

    Music written especially for your week at Heartbeat Hospital can be seen and hear on this link: Heartbeat Hospital Melodies

    To ORDER Heartbeat Hospital with our without Heartbeat Hospital Melodies and/or Emergency, use the pull down menu below to choose which option will work best for you.  Choose DOWNLOAD or SHIPPED.

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