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  • This "Live-It" theme is a hook upon which to hang a memory. Students age 4-grade 6 learn about the land they live in and are challenged to become Christian believers. The large VBS notebook contains everything the Patriotic Director needs to organize a terrific event: Schedule suggestions, motivational tips, complete lesson plans and more for 2 1/2 hours per day.

    Teams gather at LIBERTY SQUARE to organize and participate in a continuing skit performed by a colonial serving girl to President and Mrs. Washington and a pushy colonial lady trying to see the President. At UNCLE SAM THE STORY MAN, groups are treated to an exciting continuing story, "Trouble In Washington" (offered separately). Patriotic and Praise and Worship music are featured in a red, white and blue music center called KEEP AMERICA SINGING. Learn how to become a believer in Jesus while visitng with the famous flag maker, Betsy Ross and making stars to form a giant flag mural at OLD GLORY HEADQUARTERS. No one can resist early American treats served in a colonial inn called THE BOSTON TEA PARTY.

    Five Bible stations represent locations in LIBERTY VILLAGE where students learn how to become strong believers in Jesus. They enjoy meeting American Patriots, memorizing a scripture verse, hearing a Bible story and completing a craft. PLYMOUTH PLANTATION/THANKFUL AMERICANS...Meeting Jesus with Priscilla Alden. FRONTIER CABIN/ADVENTUROUS AMERICANS...Knowing Jesus with Rebecca Boone. COLONIAL HOME/REVOLUTIONARY AMERICANS...Growing In Jesus with Martha Washington. INDEPENDENCE HALL/FOUNDING AMERICANS...Serving Jesus with Elizabeth the serving girl. WHITE HOUSE ATTIC/PRESIDING AMERICANS...Telling About Jesus with Abigail Adams.

    Preschoolers become PINT SIZED PATRIOTS and study the same spiritual themes as older students. TOWN CRIERS NURSERY (birth-age 3) separate.

    Teach students about faith in Christ by using the history of our nation as a backdrop. After recent events in the United States, freedom to worship Jesus and the privilege of living in America means so much. This is a heart pounding week your students and staff will never forget! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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    TROUBLE IN WASHINGTON is a five day Conley Twin story written for Liberty Village designed to last fifteen minutes each day. Each chapter ends at an exciting point encouraging students to return the next day and discover how yesterday's situation is resolved. The story comes complete with script and black and white line drawings suitable for coloring by the leader.

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