Close Encounters Ministries

  • Sunday School is an exciting event if done correctly. Try combining a delicious breakfast with challenging lessons about heaven and how to get there and watch the teens make Sunday School a weekly habit! Everything the teacher needs is in one notebook filled with scheduling suggestions, menus, complete lesson plans and more for one hour sessions.

    Host occasional VIP guests who share breakfast with the group and tell the personal story of their Christian journey adding their thoughts about heaven. Three VIP Sundays are set aside for this purpose.

    The lessons reinforce scriptural themes with gentle table activities as students interact and share life experiences with class members. The casual lessons provide opportunity to chat about the subject of heaven. Discussions revolve around these topics: WELCOME TO HEAVEN, GOING HOME...WARP SPEED, A LITTLE SOUTH OF HEAVEN..."HELL-O!", MADE IN HEAVEN, ANGELS ARE AWESOME, BRIDGE TO HEAVEN, APPROACHING HEAVEN, HEAVEN HELP US, HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN, HEAVEN CAN'T WAIT.

    Have fun with the theme and create Sunday School with a heavenly flair by adding a few sparkling accessories to the room. A casual atmosphere welcomes first time teens while eliminating "new student" tension. Trust me! This is not the "same old Sunday School" you remember from your childhood!
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