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  • Heat up Summer with a journey to Mexico. Kids (Age 4-Grade 6) have a terrific time as Tourists lost in Mexico. Wear sombreros, simple sandals and ponchos. Discover the best of Mexican culture, learn a little Spanish, poke a few pinatas and eat delicious Mexican food while teaching your kids (Preschool-Grade 6) about Jesus, The Man in Sandals.

    Meet on PUEBLO PLAZA and scatter to a variety of Mexican activities in the Christian Pueblo. Design an amazing array of gaily decorated workshops using our detailed directions in VIVA MEXICO'S Master Copy. Make as many copies as needed for your "muchachos"!

    Tourist groups travel and learn about Jesus as He arrives in Bethlehem, performs miracles and promises a home in heaven. Craft ideas are included in the lesson plans for five fun workshops.

    Activity suggestions are included for BURRO BABIES Staff Nursery and MEXICAN JUMPING BEANS Preschool students.


    FELIZ NAVIDAD: Life Begins At Christmas--Luke 2--Jesus, Baby In A Manger Memory Verse: Luke 2:14

    THE BAJA: Desert Life--Jesus Tempted in the Desert Luke 4: Jesus, Hero In The Desert Memory Verse: Ephesians 6:10

    FIESTA!: Life Of The Party--The Wedding At Cana John 2: Jesus, Wedding Guest Memory Verse: Mark 2:12

    PUEBLO POTTER: One Ordinary Life--Jesus! Matthew 5:1-10 Jesus, Man For Ordinary People Memory Verse: Colossians 3:11

    CASA MEXICANA: Live Forever--Heaven! Matthew 13 Parables: Good Seed, Mustard Seed, HIdden Treasure and Answers about Heaven Memory Verse: Revelation 3:20

    Daily activities include visits to MARIACHI MUSIC (we translate familiar choruses with words in English and Spanish) and music from GREAT BIG PRAISE FOR A GREAT BIG GOD, Books 1 and 2 with options of cassette tapes/CD's, OLE CAFE (authentic Mexican snacks), SIESTA TALES (a great Chip and Clare Conley adventure sold separately), OJO DE DIOS (Eye Of God Salvation Station) and TORO GAMES (Mexican styled games).

    How can you let this fun Vacation Bible School slip away? Order today and get started on your trip South of the Border With Jesus!

    Want to see the program before you decide?  Click on this PREVIEW to see the program in a read only version.  Click on PREVIEW and you will be able to read the entire program.

    Want to add even more excitement to your trip to Mexico? Use...SKY KING, a five day Conley Twin story written for Viva Mexico designed to last fifteen minutes each day. Each chapter ends at an exciting point encouraging students to return the next day and discover how yesterday's situation is resolved. The story comes complete with script and black and white line drawings suitable for coloring by the leader.

    To ORDER VIVA MEXICO! with/or without SKY KING, use the pull down menu below to choose which option will work best for you.

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